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Doctors testify on alleged racial discrimination by medical aid schemes

Several doctors started testifying on Monday at the Council of Medical Schemes’ probe in Centurion, south of Pretoria, into alleged discrimination against Black and Indian doctors.

The Solutionist Thinkers Group, representing 200 doctors, gave evidence on Monday.

Chairperson of the Group, Nomaefese Gatsheni, argues that Black and Indian doctors are excessively audited by medical aid schemes and are then accused of claiming fraudulently.

They are also allegedly expected to provide confidential information to prove the claim is real.

Gatsheni says white doctors are not audited as frequently: “It happens to be that most of the Black and Indian doctors are the ones that are requested to provide clinical notes or confidential information of the patients – whereas when you compare with your colleagues that are white, they will come back and say we were never asked that, what do you mean you were asked to submit that information? I was only requested a diary and that’s it.”

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Source: SABC