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Born out of a collective of professionals from the health funding industry who recognised the need for a collective voice, the Health Funders Association was formed to be the platform for engagement and innovation in the interest of the health funding industry.

Established in 2015, the Health Funders Association (HFA) is a non-profit organisation representing stakeholders involved in the funding of private healthcare in South Africa.

Maintaining a robust and viable private healthcare industry is an integral focus of the Health Funders Association.

To this end, the HFA is committed to:

  • Representing the views of its members on critical issues within the industry in the interest of maintaining a viable medical scheme sector.
  • Assisting its members in understanding the issues and risks which may negatively impact the long-term sustainability, development and success of their respective organisations.
  • Providing information and resources to promote medical scheme member education.
  • Driving a cost-effective, efficient, and high quality business operating model which best meets the interests of members.

The HFA represents some of the country’s most prominent medical schemes, representing approximately 73% of open schemes and 50% of total membership.  Through its membership of three of the largest medical scheme administrators HFA represents 3.8 million lives and 17 medical schemes.

Strategic Objectives

  • Represent the best interests of medical scheme beneficiaries and the industry in an ethical, inclusive, impartial, proactive, effective and efficient way.
  • Develop and nurture constructive relationships with the members of medical schemes, the public, policymakers, regulators, and all relevant stakeholders in the healthcare system.
  • Engage constructively in the policy and regulatory environment.
  • Create an environment for the industry to engage on specific regulatory and industry matters having regard to all relevant laws, including competition law.
  • Remain responsive, relevant and dynamic in its interactions with its members and in seeking to support the industry.
  • Ensure ongoing cost-effectiveness and value for its members.
  • Subscribe to the need for competition within the industry for the achievement of accessible, affordable, high quality and innovative private healthcare.