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Download the Invitation for Scenario Planning for the Future of The Private Health Sector


Health Funders Association

What We Stand For

The HFA is a representative organization committed to serving the best interests of its members by being responsive, relevant and dynamic in addressing issues pertinent to the private healthcare funding.The HFA stands for equitable, rational and cost-effective representation of its member organisations.It will act as the ‘voice’ of its members to diligently and respectfully carry out their mandate.The HFA will conduct itself with integrity, upholding high ethical and professional standards, in support of the development and viability of the private healthcare funding industry.


The HFA aspires to be the recognised and credible representative organisation that speaks on behalf of medical schemes, administrators and managed care organisations involved in the private healthcare funding sector.


  • To support the long-terms sustainability and development of the private healthcare funding industry in South Africa.
  • To engage in policymaking and lobby for legislation that supports patients and healthcare service providers.
  • To support and advance the interests of the private healthcare funding industry.
  • To be the voice of the members of the Association, speak collectively for its members and aim to keep its members abreast of healthcare funding issues.