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Member Benefits

HFA members enjoy a myriad of benefits which enable them to be at the forefront of new developments in the private healthcare funding arena. Through membership to HFA, the views of members on critical issues within the industry, such as the PMB review, the solvency framework, the beneficiary registry and NHI, are researched and presented to policy makers and other key stakeholders. Member benefits include:
  • Access to research and submissions by experts on current and impending legislation and other issues facing the industry;
  • Invitation to industry consultative forums and seminars;
  • A regular newsletter, keeping members up to date with current news, articles, research, events and classifieds;
  • Voting rights for ordinary members;
  • Representation on the HFA Board, sub-committees, working groups and other decision-making forums;
  • Access to newly-released global research and journal articles;
  • Information on local and international events;
  • Representation to healthcare provider associations, hospital groups, CMS, NDoH, and other relevant entities.

Fee Structure

The HFA fee structure is designed with fairness in mind. Membership fees are based on capped bands, depending on the number of principal members within the scheme or administrator.

Membership application form


Full membership of the Health Funders Association is open to all medical schemes and administrators, while associate membership is open to managed care organisations
  • Medical Schemes

    • Anglo Medical Scheme
    • Bankmed
    • CAMAF Medical Scheme
    • De Beers Benefit Society
    • Discovery Health Medical Scheme
    • Fedhealth
    • Glencore Medical Scheme
    • LA Health Medical Scheme
    • Malcor Medical Scheme
    • Massmart Medical Aid
    • Momentum Medical Scheme
    • MultiChoice Medical Aid Scheme
    • Netcare Medical Scheme
    • Profmed
    • Remedi Medical Aid Scheme
    • SA Breweries Medical Aid Scheme
    • Sasolmed
    • TFG Medical Aid Scheme
    • Tsogo Sun Group Medical Scheme
    • University of KwaZulu Natal Medical Scheme


    • Discovery Health
    • Momentum Health Solutions
    • PPS Healthcare Administrators
    • Prosperity Health
LA Health LA Health
Profmed Profmed
Fed Health Fed Health
Discovery Health Medical Scheme Discovery Health Medical Scheme
Bankmed Bankmed
Momentum Health Momentum Health
Discovery Health Discovery Health
Glencore Glencore
Remedi Remedi
Malcor Malcor
Tsogo Sun Group Tsogo Sun Group
Sasolmed Medical Scheme Sasolmed Medical Scheme
University of Kwazulu Natal University of Kwazulu Natal
Witbank Coalfields Medical Aid Scheme Witbank Coalfields Medical Aid Scheme
The South African Breweries Medical Aid The South African Breweries Medical Aid
Alliance MidMed Medical Scheme Alliance MidMed Medical Scheme
DeBeers Benefit Society DeBeers Benefit Society
Anglo Medical scheme Anglo Medical scheme
Mulitchoice_HFA Mulitchoice_HFA